Self-help job search guide for new college graduates

a self-help book by Mohan Sarma Getting your First Marketing Job: A Practical Guide for New College Graduates

College students and new graduates have significant resources at their campus career services office. This self-help book is designed to use their services and show a path to a marketing job. Students can prepare for their first marketing role in an easy-to-read style with practical tips and checklists.

What do ad agencies want? I want to work at the local HQ of a big brand on their marketing team. I want to manage social media for a startup. Preparing yourself for these jobs is not easy. It is important to position yourself to be hired and this self-help book can help. The author has years of experience in marketing with brands and agencies.

Butch Sarma has owned an ad agency since 2011. With over 30 years of marketing experience, he has helped hundreds of his students get marketing-related roles. You may read more about his background here.

Available in digital formats on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Barnes & Noble, you get can your copy in seconds. Paperbacks are also available here.

The four chapters in this self-help book contain the steps needed to prepare yourself for a marketing job. Here are highlights for each chapter and the appendix.

Chapter 1 Prepare Yourself. Details on what Google certifications to get and how to complete your LinkedIn profile. Also how to write a resume for marketing roles. Why you need a mentor and how to clean up your social media profiles. Also how to determine your skill gaps and steps that you can do to gain those skills. Lastly, how to build a target list of companies that you want to work for.

Chapter 2 Build Your Portfolio. How to build a digital portfolio and start your side hustle as a freelancer.

Chapter 3 Activity. Interview tips and how to track metrics during your job search.

Chapter 4 Conclusion. Reviewing the steps needed to land your first marketing job!

Appendix. Examples of a target firm pre-interview profile and an Excel sheet to track your job search metrics.

Thank you for being interested in this book. We hope to be congratulating you soon on your first marketing job!

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