We know Nonprofits.

A Digital Agency

EBMP is a digital marketing agency. Based in Richmond, Virginia. We manage marketing projects for nonprofits, publish ebooks, and consult to select companies.

Starting in summer 2022, EBMP setup and manages Google ads for the University of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Foundation. Using search engine advertising funding from the Google Grant, this nonprofit has a CTR% of 9.6%.

Some of our Marketing Projects

  • A hyper-local Virginia Commonwealth University MBA student project that drove over 12k pageviews in one semester. This site was designed and built by students. Then, all content was written and edited by the student teams. Furthermore, all of the social media posts followed a strategy defined by the student team. One student is tasked with running Google and Facebook ads to drive web traffic. Finally, the teams explored several ways to drive user engagement by using digital downloads or links to other organizations. Each summer the site is reset and the students start over.

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  • First, we design authentic Sanskrit phrases to motivate real yoga lovers. Then, every design is approved by Dr. Sarma, our Guru. SYW uses a print-on-demand technology where the customers can select their size and color from an online distributor they trust. Currently, our t-shirts are available now on Amazon.

  • a book by Mohan Sarma Getting your First Marketing Job: A Practical Guide for New College Graduates
    A new book by Mohan Sarma that is easy to read and full of tips to get a marketing job at an ad agency, brand, or nonprofit. This guide complements what a new graduate is doing at their college’s career center. Available now on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Barnes & Noble.

  • The digital marketing certificate website for students to showcase their digital skills. This website is being reimagined.


Mohan Sarma (aka Butch Sarma) is a consultant for numerous companies includingrobot distributors, crowdfunding investment portals, physician authors, various software tools,  and ecommerce sellers. His consulting work includes digital strategy, market research, and ecommerce. Most noteworthy, Mr. Sarma is a US Army veteran.

If you would like to discuss an ebook, consulting, or marketing project, please contact us.